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You can use the Bluedot Location Marketing app from the Salesforce AppExchange to power personalized customer journeys at scale. With Salesforce + Bluedot together you can send Push messages when the customer arrives at your restaurant, trigger specific email campaigns based on visits to a rival’s store, or create an immersive game experience, engaging your customers as they move throughout real-world locations.

Before your start

1. Have access to your Salesforce Marketing Cloud account
You must have a Salesforce Marketing Cloud account that you currently use to manage all your marketing campaigns and personalized customer journeys. If your enterprise doesn’t already have a Salesforce Marketing Cloud account, you’ll need to speak with your Salesforce Account Executive.

2. Get access to Bluedot
You’ll need an active Bluedot account to use your Bluedot + Salesforce integration. Contact our team here if you need to set up your account.

3. Integrate Bluedot into your mobile app
Before you can use this integration, the Bluedot Point SDK must be integrated into your iOS and/or Android app. You can learn more about SDK integration, specifically for SFMC here.

How to configure Salesforce Marketing Cloud & Bluedot

  1. Link Salesforce Marketing Cloud & your Canvas account
  2. Create SFMC events
  3. Create a geofence in Canvas
  4. Build your first Bluedot powered Journey in SFMC
  5. Integrate the Point SDK