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Mobivity Integration

Take your Curbside & Pickup experience to the next level with Mobivity’s leading message marketing platform and Bluedot’s best-in-class customer arrival technology. 

Send a personalized SMS to your customers to collect their curbside pickup orders with a link to our pre-built web app Now Ready__, to let a store know when they’re on their way and when they’ve arrived.

How does it work?

When a new order is registered, Bluedot will call Mobivity’s Messaging Platform API to send an SMS to the mobile number included on the Register Order event and the message content set on Canvas.

You can register orders from one of our Order Management partners (I.E. Olo) or Bluedot’s Register Order API.


On the Mobivity’s Recurrency Platform, copy your REST API username and password, and then copy the target ID of the messaging campaign. 

Then, on the Canvas Integrations page under Mobivity, paste your username, password and target ID.

On the “Message Content” field, create your personalized message. You can add any value in the Custom Event Meta Data of a Bluedot event by wrapping it in curly brackets. Don’t forget to include the value {NowReadyLink} in the template where you want the link to appear.

Mobivity integration form

If you have any technical issues or questions please use to reach out to our team.