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Hello Order

Hello Screens uses webhooks to notify your application when the state of an order has been updated. Hello Order Webhooks help inform your systems when a customer is on the way to the store, arrives at the store, the staff acknowledges the arrival of the customer, when a staff member marks an order as completed. You can also receive updates when the order moves to any custom status you’ve set using Wave API.

Configure a Hello Order Webhook

In the Webhooks section of your Canvas account while creating a Webhook, select Hello Order as the Event type in the dropdown.

You can also configure a Hello Order Webhook through Config API (Information on using the Config API for registering a Webhook can be found here.)

You can also create a Destination using Config API. When creating or editing a Project you can add Hello Order Webhooks within the webhooks property by setting the type to helloOrder and structure to default in the request.

Example of adding a Hello Order Webhook:

"webhooks": [{
"type": "helloOrder",
"structure": "default",
"url": "<webhook URL goes here>"

The webhook request JSON structure

JSON request body for a Hello Order event

"notificationId": "8872f2bacfab5260691ce1c34795bc780ee95ae638150082076d18687f44f076",
"notificationType": "helloOrder",
"installRef": "1111111-2222-3333-4444-555555555555",
"destinationId": "Store-001",
"customerName": "John Smith",
"orderId": "12345678",
"etaDirection": "lessThan",
"eta": 1,
"status": "Arrived",
"stateDisplayName": "Arrived",
"projectId": "1111111-2222-3333-4444-555555555555",
"accountId": "1111111-2222-3333-4444-555555555555",
"isAcknowledged": false,
"hsFields": {
"Mobile Number": "0411234567",
"Car Model": "Hyndai Tucson",
"Car Color": "White",
"Car Plate": "NM1234",
"Parking Bay": 1
"lastUpdateTime": "2020-10-01T01:00:00.000Z",
"eventTrigger": {
"source": "mobile SDK",
"eventType": "GEOTRIGGER"
"locations": [
"longitude": 144.123123123,
"latitude": -33.123123123,
"altitude": 100,
"verticalAccuracy": 12.232323,
"horizontalAccuracy": 12.232323,
"bearing": 168,
"speed": 6,
"time": "2020-04-06T05:43:20.789Z"

Hello Order Webhook body field description

FieldData typeDescriptionExample
notificationTypeStringThis field denotes the type of notification being relayed from our servers to yours. For a Hello Order event, the type will be “helloOrder”."helloOrder"
notificationIdStringThe unique identifier of the Hello Order record."8872f2bacfab5260691ce1c34795bc780ee95"
projectIdStringThe identifier of the project."0ef516e2-fd11-454c-97bf-9ba53d45b885"
accountIdStringThe identifier of the account."0ef516e2-fd11-454c-97bf-9ba53d45b885"
installRefStringA randomly issued installation reference, not tied to any personally identifiable data (PID) on the user’s device."a7684ffd-2221-432c-9cb9-25fd241df39f"
destinationIdStringThe ID associated with the location setup in Canvas for the Zone"Store1234"
customerNameStringThe name of the customer who made the order"John Smith"
orderIdStringThe identifier of the order"Order 1234"
etaNumberThe estimated time of arrival of the user to the store in seconds.300
etaDirectionStringThe direction of estimation – whether the device is more than or less than the number of seconds provided.- "greaterThan" - "lessThan"
statusStringThe status of the order"Arrived"
stateDisplayNameStringThe display name of the order status on Hello Screens"On The Way"
hsFieldsJSON ObjectKey/Value pairs passed from the application to Bluedot Point SDK. This will not be returned as part of the request if no data set on the Mobile SDK.{ "key1": "value1" }
isAcknowledgedBooleanThe indicator if the order is being viewed on Hello Sscreenstrue
lastUpdateTimeStringUTC date and time when the order is updated."2021-02-02T02:25:47.000Z"
eventTriggerJSON ObjectThe origin of the event that triggers the webhook event"2021-02-02T02:25:47.000Z"
eventTrigger.sourceStringThe source of the event- "mobile" - "web"
eventTrigger.eventTypeStringThe type of the event- REGISTRATION - NO_UPDATES_5_MINS - TEMPO_TIMEOUT - TEMPO_UPDATE - TEMPO_CANCELLED - GEOTRIGGER - onTheWay - arrival - fulfilled - ACKNOWLEDGEMENT
locationsArrayThe location details.
location.longitudeNumberLongitude component of the coordinate.144.981730
location.latitudeNumberThe travel speed of the device at the time of the event was reported as meters per second.10
location.bearingNumberThe travel bearing of the device at the time of the event was reported in degrees.120
location.horizontalAccuracyNumberThe estimated horizontal accuracy of the current location, in meters12
location.verticalAccuracyNumberThe estimated vertical accuracy of the current location, in meters10