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Send your first Wave

What’s a Wave?

Wave events provide customer order updates that can be used on any platform. This data then propagates through the Bluedot Arrival platform, updating user status appropriately and firing any webhooks attached. More details here.

Sending Wave with custom data

First, ensure that your Bluedot JS SDK is initialized, as documented here.

Next, send a Wave with any additional data you might need:

bluedot.wave.send("<myDestinationId>", {"myCustomDataKey1": "myCustomDataValue1"})

Sending a Wave with template data

For templated data such as Hello, use the helper tool as described here.

Receiving a Wave

A notification for a customer’s arrival to the store for collecting an order when Wave is used in your app or web page can be received via Webhooks or seen on Hello screens. More details here.