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Quick Start

To get the base SDK loaded and running, you’ll need to:

  • Get your project ID
  • Initialize the Bluedot Javascript SDK

Getting your project ID

Before you start integrating Bluedot make sure you have access to Canvas – your Bluedot dashboard. This where you can access a ProjectID to initialize the Web SDK.

The Project ID of a project can be found in the Projects section of Canvas.

If you’re not sure how to log in contact us on & we’ll help you out.

Initializing the Bluedot Javascript SDK

Add the Bluedot Javascript SDK to your project using:

npm install @bluedot-innovation/javascript-sdk --save

In your initialization method, initialize the JS SDK with:

// ES Module style
import { bluedot } from "@bluedot-innovation/javascript-sdk"

// or CommonJS style
const bluedot = require("@bluedot-innovation/javascript-sdk").bluedot;