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Interacting with Hello Screens

What’s Hello Screens?

Hello Screens are a super fast & super simple dashboard that your team can use to see a customer’s ETA and get visual and audible notifications exactly when they Arrive. It is hardware-free. With a responsive design that runs in-browser, you can use an existing device you have on-site – this may be a tablet from a 3rd party ordering app, the web browser on your POS hardware, or even the mobile device in your Floor Managers pocket. More information here.

Sending Hello-ready events

For events to considered valid to update the Hello Screens UI and API, it requires the appropriate destinationId,   orderId as well as an eventType field to be supplied in the custom event metadata passed in with the event. The most reliable method to interact with the Hello framework is to use a Hello Model object when preparing data for your events.

Using the Hello Model

The Hello Model is a convenience data object to assist in submitting valid events for the Hello product. You can use it to submit a Wave event with correctly formatted and valid Hello data fields.

import {
} from '@bluedot-innovation/javascript-sdk'

const helloModel \= createHelloModel()
helloModel.setOrderId("myOrderId") // An Order ID must be provided for Hello events.
.setEventType("onTheWay") // An Event Type must be provided for Hello events.
.setCustomerName("Jane Doe");

const destinationId \= "myDestination"

bluedot.wave.send(destinationId, helloModel);

For further details check the Web SDK API documentation here