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Integrate the Point SDK & configure Tempo in your app

To get started with Tempo, you’ll first need to integrate the Point SDK in your mobile app. You can find step-by-step integration guides here:

During SDK integration, there are 4 important stages that align with your customer’s experience.

  1. Set the Custom Event Metadata to be attached with each Tempo Event – this is usually at least the customer’s name and orderID, but you can add up to 20. (Learn more here.)
  2. Define the DestinationId – this is where the customer is collecting their order. You can use anything, but we recommend using the normal Store Number or Restaurant ID.
  3. Start location tracking & the Tempo service when your customer submits their order.
  4. Stop location tracking & the Tempo service once your customer arrives at their Destination.

Android – Tempo implementation

Start Tempo Tracking

.start(myApplicationContext, // This context should be the Application context
(error) -> {
if (error != null) {
// An error has occurred while starting Tempo.
} else {
// Tempo has started successfully.

Stop Tempo Tracking

val tempoStopError: BDError? = TempoService.stop(myContext)
if (tempoStopError != null) {
// An error occurred, the SDK or Tempo may not have been initialized correctly.

You’ll find comprehensive Android implementation detail here.

iOS – Tempo implementation

Start Tempo Tracking

BDLocationManager.instance()?.startTempoTracking(withDestinationId: "MyDestinationId"){ error in
    guard error == nil else {
       print("There was an error starting Tempo with the Bluedot SDK: \(error.localizedDescription)")

Stop Tempo Tracking

BDLocationManager.instance()?.stopTempoTracking(){ error in
    guard error == nil else {
       print("Stop Tempo failed \(error.localizedDescription)")

You’ll find comprehensive iOS implementation detail here.

Important Note


Tempo will timeout after 30 minutes if the device hasn’t arrived at the destination. This expiring time is customizable; check with your CX representative if you’d like to update it.