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Geo-triggering allows the automatic detection of location context change events (such as entering or exiting a geofence, or crossing a Geoline™). For this capability, the SDK needs to be initialized and the app must have location permission.

Start Geo-triggering

To start geo-triggering, you should use the GeoTriggeringBuilder  as below:

import { Button } from 'react-native'
import BluedotPointSdk from 'bluedot-react-native'

export default function App() {
  // The SDK needs be initialized and the app must have location permissions.

  const geoTriggeringService = new BluedotPointSdk.GeoTriggeringBuilder()
  function handleStartGeoTriggering() {
      () => console.log("On Success Callback"),
      () => console.error("On Error Callback"),

  return <Button title="Start Geo-Triggering" onPress={handleStartGeoTriggering} />

Receiving Geo-trigger events

Subscribe to receive Geo-triggering events. To do so use the method on as below. 


As Entry events may occur immediately upon staring Geo-triggering, it is recommended ed to subscribe to the events before starting the Geo-triggering service.

import React from 'react'
import BluedotPointSdk from 'bluedot-react-native'

export default function App() {
  React.useEffect(() => {
    // Register to Geo-triggering events
    BluedotPointSdk.on('enterZone', () => console.log("On enterZone callback"));
    BluedotPointSdk.on('exitZone', () => console.log("On exitZone callback"));
  }, [])

  // Then start the Geo-triggering service.

Stop Geo-triggering

If you only need geo-triggering for a limited period, once that period is over, you can stop the geo-trigger service.

  () => console.log("On success callback"),
  () => console.error("On error callback")

Geo-triggering Status

You can use the isGeoTriggeringRunning method to check the status of the Geo-triggering service. It will return a boolean value.

  .then(isRunning => console.log("Is the Geo-triggering service running?", isRunning))
  .catch(error => console.error("Error", error))