Xamarin bluedot wrapper

Point SDK combines low-energy Geolines™ and Geofencing capabilities to provide ‘always-on’ location awareness in indoor and outdoor scenarios.

By integrating the simple Bluedot API, an application will benefit from accurate location awareness (up to the maximum achievable precision of GPS), while substantially reducing battery consumption compared to Core Location and other standard SDK methods.

Point SDK connects to the Bluedot web interface, Point Access, through which business rules comprising of Zones, Geolines™, Geofences, Actions, and Conditions can be configured.

Applications powered by the Point SDK will then download and execute such rules, both in the foreground and background.

The following pages provide a guide to integrating Point SDK with Xamarin across Android and iOS devices.

Please refer to the Bluedot Point Access User Guide for assistance with setting up Geolines™, Geofences, Actions or Conditions.

Created by Bluedot DevOps on January 11, 2018

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