Android Point SDK  15.1.0 Interface Reference

Public Member Functions

void onBlueDotPointServiceStartedSuccess ()
void onBlueDotPointServiceStop ()
void onBlueDotPointServiceError (BDError error)
void onRuleUpdate (List< ZoneInfo > zoneInfoList)

Detailed Description

BluedotInnovation ServiceStatusListener is listener that lets user's Bluedot application know when service status changes

Member Function Documentation

◆ onBlueDotPointServiceError()

void ( BDError  error)

The method delivers the error from BlueDotPointService by a generic BDError. There are several types of error such as

The BDError.isFatal() indicates if error is fatal and service is not operable. Followed by onBlueDotPointServiceStop() indicating service is stopped.

The BDError.getReason() is useful to analyse error cause.

◆ onBlueDotPointServiceStartedSuccess()

void ( )

It is called when BlueDotPointService started successful, application logic code using the Bluedot service could start from here.

This method is off the UI thread.

◆ onBlueDotPointServiceStop()

void ( )

This method notifies the client application that BlueDotPointService is stopped. Application could release the resources related to Bluedot service from here.

It is called off the UI thread.

◆ onRuleUpdate()

void ( List< ZoneInfo zoneInfoList)

The method deliveries the ZoneInfo list when the rules are updated. Application is able to get the latest ZoneInfo when the rules are updated.


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