Android Point SDK  15.1.0

About this reference

This API reference documentation covers only the Android library for Point SDK.
For more general documentation, including a walk-through of Android project set-up, usage of the web-interface and Android library API, see the Bluedot Point developer pages.

Points of interest

Below are the minimal Classes and Protocols enabling creation of an application that responds to the actions you define in the Point web-interface.
For more detailed reference, browse the full Class list.


ServiceManager is the high-level entry point for integration with the Point SDK.
Point SDK acts upon rules that you define in the Point Access web-interface. To enable these within your App, it is necessary only to call the authentication method sendAuthenticationRequest on the shared singleton instance of ServiceManager, supplying your account credentials as the parameters (register if you do not have these yet). This will start a session with the Bluedot Point back-end: your Zones will be downloaded and their associated actions will be executed accordingly by the library, without any further intervention.


The ServiceStatusListener interface provides callbacks that inform your application of Point SDK's PointService state weather the service is started or failed to start. It can fail in circumstances where you are not connected to internet or location services are not enabled in the device when you call startService() Method. It is only necessary to start service once during the runtime of your App or after you have called stopService() method.