Create your Destination(s)

To create a Destination, you’ll need to have an active user and a Bluedot Account. Your Bluedot administrator can easily grant you access (instructions here) or you can contact our team – Your user credentials are used to log into the Canvas dashboard and also authenticate with Config API

Creating a Destination

A Destination is a physical location your customers arrive at to collect their mobile order – this is usually your store or restaurant. A Destination is actually just a Zone, but it must meet specific eligibility criteria* & has a DestinationId.

There are 3 simple steps:

  1. Create the Zone
  2. Add a geofence
  3. Set the DestinationId

*A Zone is only eligible for as a Destination if has a single geofence and no Geolines or beacons. If you try adding a DestinationId to an ineligible Zone you see an error in Canvas.

1. Zone creation

Click on Add new Zone and create a geofence – you can use a circular geofence, a polygon or a rectangle. This should cover your restaurant or store.

You can also update the name of the Zone and geofence – both of these details will be included in Tempo Webhook updates.


2. Add the Destination ID

Select Zones Settings, click Destination ID and add the Destination ID.

3. Save

Close Zone Settings and click the Create/Update button. The Zone is ready and the isochrones for it will be generated in the Bluedot backend. It takes from 30 seconds to 1 minute for the isochrones to be generated.

If you’d like to Create a Destination using Config API, you’ll use the following /Endpoints;

Endpoint Description
Add DestintaionId to a new Zone When creating a Zone you can pass the Destination ID within the tempo property.


Example of adding a Destination Id:

"tempo": { 
    "destinationId": "<destination_id_goes_here>" 
Created by Melwin Chiramel on June 30, 2020