App An App on the Bluedot Location Marketing Dashboard is an application record for your iOS or Android app.
Zone A Zone can consist of a single or multiple, intersecting or nonintersecting Geofences, GEOLINE™ and/or Beacons. Users’ devices will respond to Zones according to the Actions and Conditions that are set for a particular Zone.

Geofence A Geofence is a virtual perimeter for a real-world geographic area. Polygons, Circles, and Bounding Boxes are the Geofences that can be used in Bluedot maps area. When a customer enters or leaves into a Geofence, Bluedot technologies can trigger a specific action on the end user’s mobile devices.

GEOLINE GEOLINE™ is a virtual tripwire that triggers any action on a mobile device when customers cross over.

Beacon Beacons are devices that broadcast signals that can be heard by smart devices nearby. Bluedot supports beacons conforming to the iBeacons standard for iOS devices and most other Beacons for Android devices.

With Bluedot technology you can set up and send a custom message to a user when they are near the Beacon. This is ideal for situations where very high precision is needed.

Custom Action Custom Actions deliver a call back to the mobile app when the Action is triggered when the device moves inside a Geofence, crosses a GEOLINE™ or moves into the ranges of a Beacon to allow any custom code to be executed on user’s mobile device.
Condition Actions can be set up in order to follow a set of rules based on which the trigger will occur. These sets of rules are called Conditions.

Conditions can limit the frame of time when a message can be sent (between dates or hours), and/or a percentage of the amounts of Geofences, GEOLINE™ or Beacons that need to be traveled created within a Zone. (for more information about Percentage Crossed please refer to our Developers Documentation.

The following pre-built Conditions are available on Bluedot Location Marketing dashboard:

  • Percentage Crossed/Sequential
  • Date Range
  • Time Active
  • Bearing
  • Speed
Minimum Retrigger Time (MRT) This is the minimum lapse of time before an end user will receive a notification again after he received a previous one. This key property allows you to control how often the end users will receive new messages.

This MRT applied on Zone level. This means that it can be only configured for Zones, and not for Geofences, GEOLINE™ or Beacons, so for example, if there is a Zone set up with many GEOLINE™ or Geofences and only one GEOLINE™ or Geofence triggers the action, the rest of them will become unavailable for that user until the MRT has elapsed.

Rule Download Interval A length of time the app waits before downloading new rules (i.e. Zones, Geofences, GEOLINE™, Beacons, Actions, and Conditions) that have been configured on Bluedot Location Marketing dashboard or through the Public API.

Battery drain will be higher the more frequently an app attempts to download new rules, so it is recommended to set the frequency that is necessary.

Check-in Every time a user goes within a Geofence or crosses a GEOLINE™ or comes within a range of a Beacon an Action triggered, this is considered as a check-in.

Check-in could be the precise moment when an Action could be triggered on the end users’ mobile device. A Journey Builder interaction can be performed for a check-in by activating the Journey with a check-in suffix in its name.

Check-out The moment when a customer leaves a Geofence or moves of the range of a Beacon is considered as a check-out. It is important to take into account that check-out does not apply for GEOLINE™ because it can only be crossed.

Check-out will be performed only for Zones that have check-out enabled. For every check-out enabled Zone a Journey with check-out suffix will be created.


Created by Bluedot DevOps on February 24, 2018

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