Check-out Entry Event

  1. Using the Bluedot dashboard, you can create a Zone with Check-out enabled. Follow the steps here to create a Zone, and make sure to click the Enable Check-out button when saving the Zone.
  2. Once the Zone is saved, two new draft Journeys will automatically be created in Journey Builder, one to trigger on Check-in and the other to trigger on Check-out; you can see which is which in the title of the Journey.
  3. The Check-in Journey will be triggered when a user enters a Zone and any relevant conditions you have set have been satisfied, and then the Check-out Journey will be triggered when the user leaves.

4. Click on the Journey with the Check-out prefix to build a customer experience related to the check-out event and then make sure that you activate it. Note that you do not need to activate the Check-in Journey for the Check-out Journey to function; if your intended user experience only occurs when the user leaves the Zone, feel free to leave the Check-in Journey in draft mode.

5. Click here to check the fields that are entered in the Salesforce Data Extension.

Created by Bluedot DevOps on February 24, 2018

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