Check-in Entry Event

  1. Using the Bluedot dashboard, you can create a zone containing any number of Geofences, Beacons or GEOLINES™. Follow the steps here to create a zone.
  2. Once the Zone is saved, click on the Journey Builder menu item under the Journey Builder drop-down.
  3. A new draft Journey will automatically have been created in Journey Builder. Once activated, this journey will automatically be triggered whenever one of your app’s users enters the associated Zone in the real world.

4. Click on the Journey to open up the Journey Editor screen, where you can create the journey that you want your audience to experience.

5. Once you have finished creating the Journey, turn it on by clicking the Activate button in the top right. As soon as this button is pressed, the Check-in Journey will be triggered when your customers enter the Zone.

6. Click here to check the fields that are entered in the Salesforce Data Extension.

Created by Bluedot DevOps on February 24, 2018

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