Public API – Response structure and Codes

The following is the list of response status codes returned by the APIs.

Response status codes

messageCode Description
200 The message code 200 indicates that the client request has been successfully processed by the Bluedot Public APIs.
400 The message code 400 indicates that the JSON request had validation errors.
401 The message code 401 indicates that the user credentials submitted don’t have the required permissions to access the data.
403 The message code 403 indicates that the access to requested resource on the server is denied.
404 The message code 404 indicates that the requested resource is not found on the Bluedot Innovation servers.
405 The message code 405 indicates that the requested resource doesn’t support the specified HTTP method (GET, POST, etc).
500 The message code 500 indicates that the server could not handle the request due to an error.

Additional error codes are also returned for each type of request. These error codes and descriptions can be found here.

Example: Success JSON response to a Create Zone request

  "messageCode": 200
  "message": "Your request has been successfully processed.",
  "zoneId": "0171717d-faf8-46fb-b68a-e8cd79452214",
  "name": "University Campus Entry Zone",

Example: Error JSON response to request

  "error": {
    "messageCode": 404,
    "message": "The server cannot process the request.",
    "errors": [
        "code": "3001",
        "source": {
          "pointer": "security.customerApiKey"
        "description": "A customer record could not be found for the customerApiKey: fab77cd0-c094-11e5-a1fa-06a56cd124c8. Customer API Key can be located on the Point Access Dashboard."
Created by Bluedot DevOps on March 5, 2018

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