Public API – POST Zones Sync

For applications with Real Time Data Sync enabled, the sync endpoint within Zones allows newly created, updated and deleted Zones to be synced to all the mobile devices that are running the application.


This functionality requires Real Time Data Sync to be enabled.

URL to call

Content Type

The content type should be specified in the Content-Type HTTP header as “application/json”.


Content-Type: application/json


No URL Parameters required. See example JSON below.

Key JSON fields

Data Type
customerApiKey String API key for customer (rather than the app).
apiKey String API key for the app.

Example: JSON request to sync updated Zones to mobile devices

  "security": {
    "customerApiKey": "4d3a1b60-4dc4-11e4-ad0a-a0481cdba483",
    "apiKey": "77c16870-360a-492b-84c6-d1790abe9cc0"

Example: JSON response to request

  "zones": 10,
  "message": "Active synchronization started for 10 Zones.",
  "messageCode": 200
Created by Bluedot DevOps on March 3, 2018

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