Public API – POST Sequence Geofeatures

The sequence end point within zones allows you to update the sequence or order of the Geo features (Geofences, Geolines™ and Bluetooth Beacons) to be used as part of the Sequential Percentage Crossed condition. The initial sequence of Geo features within a zone are specified at the time of creation of a zone either using the Point Access UI or the zones public API endpoint.

URL to call

Content Type

The content type should be specified in the Content-Type HTTP header as “application/json”.


Content-Type: application/json


No URL Parameters required. See example JSON below.

Key JSON fields

Data Type
customerApiKey String API key for customer (rather than the app).
apiKey String API key for the app.
zoneId String The identifier of the zone where the geofeatures are being ordered.
sequence Array It the ordered list of identifiers of geofences, Geolines™ and beacons. The geofeatures need to passed in this order for the Action with Sequential condition to be triggered.

Example: JSON request to update the sequence of fences

    "security": {
        "customerApiKey": "bc199c80-5441-11e4-b7bb-a0481cdc3311",
        "apiKey": "d3161e80-38d1-11e4-b039-bc305bf60831"
    "content": {
        "zone": {
            "zoneId": "a6375661-07e5-4596-800e-eef37d3cd6a6",
            "sequence": [

Example: JSON response to request

    "sequence": [
    "message": "Your request has been successfully processed.",
    "messageCode": 200

Source code examples

Created by Bluedot DevOps on January 31, 2018

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