Public API – POST Add Beacons to Zone

The “beacons” end point within Zones allows previously created Beacons to be associated with a Zone. The Beacons have to be added to the customer account before they can be associated with Zones.

URL to call

Content Type

The content type should be specified in the Content-Type HTTP header as “application/json”.


Content-Type: application/json


No URL Parameters required. See example JSON below.

Key JSON fields

Data Type
customerApiKey String API key for customer (rather than the app).
apiKey String API key for app.
zoneId String Id of the Zone that the Beacon will be added to. The Zone Id can be extracted using the /zones end point or by logging into the Point Access Dashboard.
beaconId String Id of the Beacon to be added to this Zone. The Beacon Id can be extracted using the /zones end point or by logging into the Point Access Dashboard.
proximity Number Proximity represents the distance at which the Beacon will trigger. This is a numeric value and has to be 0, 1 or 2:

  • 0 (Far)
    The Beacon is farther than 6 feet away but still within receiving distance of the maximum range of the Beacon’s signal for the trigger to occur.
  • 1 (Immediate)
    The Beacon has to be almost touching or within an inch for the trigger to occur.
  • 2 (Near)
    The Beacon can be up to approximately 6 feet away from a device for the trigger to occur.
0, 1 or 2
order Number The order number in which device should come in the range of the Beacon for triggering based on Sequential condition. 0 – N

Example: JSON request to add a Beacon to a Zone

    "security": {
        "customerApiKey": "dc67d0e0-397b-11e5-9931-0646bf53d23f",
        "apiKey": "a251fbd2-5035-4887-896d-0b56abb4102d"
    "content": {
        "zone": {
            "zoneId": "9bf7ff72-cb3e-4ef2-b1b6-b8aa5a119256",
            "beacons": [
                    "beaconId": "b7db6f18-6557-4903-b0a7-b35b96d54fec",
                    "proximity": 1,
                    "order": 1

Example: JSON response to request

    "zoneId": "1463d486-ce09-4195-8891-5d1430e8092f",
    "message": "Beacons have been successfully added to the Zone.",
    "messageCode": 200

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