Public API – DELETE Beacon

The Beacon end point deletes a Beacon from the customer account.


If a Beacon is added to the Zone then it will not be deleted and an error response will be returned. A Beacon can only be deleted if it is not added to any Zone, in any of the applications of the user’s account.

URL to call


Name Required Data Type Description Format
customerApiKey String API key for customer (rather than the app).
beaconId String The identifier for the Beacon to be deleted.

Example: Using test keys

Example: JSON response to request

  "message": "Beacon has been successfully deleted: 6c6a2b99-fce1-43e6-8ae8-8ef9b5be54f9 ",
  "messageCode": 200

Source code examples

Created by Bluedot DevOps on March 5, 2018

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