Point Access – The Dashboard

The Dashboard displays a list of all Zones for the selected app. Zones consist of one or more related Geofences, GEOLINE™ and/or Beacons (collectively referred to as Fences) that are treated as a group within a consolidated location. Fences typically have associated Actions and Conditions that determine when and how a user’s device responds to entering or passing through a Zone.

Fences, Actions and Conditions for each Zone can be modified by selecting Manage Zone from the options next to the relevant Zone in the Dashboard.

A Zone can be deleted by selecting Delete Zone from the options next to the relevant Zone.

A list of Actions that have been triggered and other related data can be accessed by selecting Activity log from the options next to the relevant Zone.

App and Beacon ManagementAnalytics, Account Management and Download can also be accessed from the Dashboard. These are highlighted in the figure below.

Figure 1. Point Access Dashboard

Created by Bluedot DevOps on January 16, 2018

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