Point Access – Setting custom data fields

You can attach any type of metadata to a location that’s relevant to your location-based campaign. Tagging details about the location, the business, target customers and the campaign can add valuable context. This helps you easily analyze the success of campaigns and deliver ROI figures to your clients.

This metadata will be delivered to the mobile app at the time of a check-in as part of the SDK callbacks. Add custom data fields to the Custom Action to receive it when a device moves into a Fence or comes in the range of a Beacon. The fields will be returned to the application as a map of keys and values by the SDK when the custom action is triggered on the mobile device.

The metadata received in the check-in and check-out callbacks for custom action on your application can be used to enhance your post check-in processing and help you provide a better context-aware solution to your customers.


As of version 1.8, only 5 custom data fields can be added for a single custom action. If there is a need for more fields, then we suggest adding a JSON string as values that can be then parsed by your mobile app.

Add custom data fields to a Custom Action

To add custom data fields through the Point Access UI while creating or editing a zone, in the zones map UI,

  1. Open the slider menu by selecting the arrow in the top right of the map interface.
  2. Select ‘Set Actions + Conditions’ link then select the ‘New Action’  link at the bottom of the slider menu to initiate a pop-up box.
  3. Select the ‘Custom action type’ in the “Choose action type” drop down.

Figure 1: Create Custom action


Figure 2: Create / Add custom data to a custom action


Edit or Delete custom data fields in a Custom Action

Using Edit link in the custom action, custom fields can be edited, deleted or new fields can be added.

Figure 3: Edit custom action


Figure 4: Edit custom data to a custom action


Created by Bluedot DevOps on January 16, 2018

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