Point Access – Setting actions

One or multiple Actions can be configured to customize how a given Zone responds to a device that walks into a Geofence, crosses a Geoline™ or moves into a range of Beacon.

Open the slider menu by selecting the arrow in the top right of the map interface.
Select Set Actions + Conditions then New Action at the bottom of the slider menu to initiate a pop-up box.

The following pre-set Actions can be selected in the pop-up box to trigger when a device passes through:

  1. Message – send a system notification.
  2. URL – open a website.
  3. Custom – deliver a call back to the mobile app to allow any custom actions to be executed on the device.

Figure 1. Point Access Actions

Figure 2. Creating New Actions


Actions Available

A message action pops an alert onto the device with the title and message text entered in the provided fields.  Should the app not be running in the foreground of the device, the message will be provided as a device notification.

Figure 3. Message Action Form


Figure 4. Message Action Form with values 

The URL action opens the location provided in a web browser on the device.  This would generally point to a specific web page that relates to the location of the trigger.

Figure 5. Url Action Form


Figure 6. Url Action Form with values

The custom action allows an app to be notified of a trigger to execute its own customized code.

Figure 7. Custom Action Form

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