Point Access – Saving a Zone

A Zone can be saved at any stage by selecting the arrow in the top right of the map interface to open the slider menu then selecting Save Zone at the bottom.

A Zone will appear in the list of Zones within the Dashboard once it has been saved. If configuration of the Zone hasn’t been completed, it can be re-accessed and completed at any time by selecting the desired Zone from the Dashboard.

A Zone becomes available once it has been saved.

The Point SDK downloads new rules (i.e. the Geofences, Geoline™, beacons, Actions and Conditions that have been set within the created “Zones) according to the Rule Download Interval that is set when an app is created (referred to Create a new app above). The Rule Download Interval is entered as a period of time and is the frequency with which the Point SDK downloads the new rules.

Edit Zone

When Save Zone is selected, a final screen appears where additional customization can take place.

A name for the Zone must be entered.

Minimum Retrigger Time must be set. This is entered as a period of time during which the configured Actions are not triggered again. This prevents the same Action, or Actions, triggering repeatedly when an end-user is moving in and out of a Zone or is stationary within a Zone. This is important to avoid unwanted multiple Actions being triggered, thereby increasing battery usage.

Select the Enable checkout checkbox to mark the Zone as a checkout Zone; a user exiting a fence or the range of a beacon within this Zone triggers a custom action.  When a Zone is enabled for checkout, the Minimum Retrigger Time (MRT) applies only after the device has checked out of a fence or beacon.  The number of minutes that the device has been within a checked in fence or beacon is recorded within the analytics for the Zone. Please note, checkout cannot apply to GeolinesTM.

Selecting the Active All Day option will keep the Zone active throughout the day. If you wish the Zone to only remain active during a specific period of the day, set this interval by entering in a Start Active Time and an End Active Time.

Start Active Time and End Active Time can also be set for the Zone as a whole. These are entered as a time range and overrides any Time Range Conditions that have been set within Actions. The Start and End Active Times for a Zone make the Zone undetectable by a device outside of that time range, thereby substantially reducing battery consumption.


Limiting the active time can lower battery consumption.

Figure 1. Saving a Zone Name


Figure 2. Saving a Zone with Checkout

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