Point Access – Editing or deleting Geofences

To update the size and shape of a Geofence at any time, directly move the points of the Geofence to the desired new locations on the map. A Geofence can be moved to a new location by clicking anywhere inside of the Geofence and dragging it.

A default name (Fence #) is automatically generated for each Geofence. This name can be edited by selecting the field where the existing name is populated and entering an alternative name.

A color will automatically be generated for each Geofence. The color of each fence can be changed by selecting the color next to the name of the fence then selecting an alternative color from the color wheel that appears.

To delete a fence, open the slider menu by selecting the arrow in the top right of the map interface. This will reveal a list of all fences that have been created. Select the ‘X’ next to the fence that is to be deleted.

Once the Geofences have been created, the order of the Geofences can be changed without recreating them. To reorder the Geofences, Geolines™ and Bluetooth Beacons, use the ‘Move’ icon next to the ‘X’ icon in the fence name box and drag it up/down as shown in figure 1 below.

Figure 1. Reorder the Geofences, Geolines™ or Beacons


Figure 2. Editing a Geofence color


Figure 3. Editing a Geofence name

Created by Bluedot DevOps on January 16, 2018

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