Point Access – Creating Zones and Geofences

Selecting Create New Zone in the Dashboard will redirect users to the map interface (powered by Google Maps).

Users can use the tools provided in the map interface to:

  • draw circular, rectangular and/or polygonal Geofences
  • draw single or multi-sided GEOLINE™
  • add beacons using the Beacon icon

A Zone can consist of a single or multiple, intersecting or non-intersecting Geofences, GEOLINE™ and/or beacons. Users’ devices will respond to Zones according to the Actions and Conditions that are set for a particular Zone.

The shape and distribution of Geofences and GEOLINE™ should suit the commercial and natural environment they relate to. For example, consideration should be given to the height of buildings and other external factors that could affect GPS performance.

Geofences should be no smaller than 15 feet (5m) in any dimension to increase the reliability with which Actions are triggered.

Drawing Tools

A thin virtual tripwire spanning two or more real-world geographical points.

Any number of geographic coordinates signifying the vertices of a polygonal shape.

Two geographic coordinates signifying the north-east and south-west corners of a rectangle.

One pair of geographic coordinates, signifying the centre of the circle, plus a radius in meters.

Created by Bluedot DevOps on January 16, 2018

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