Point Access – Creating a new app

An app must be created in Point Access before Zones (including Geofences, Geolines™, Beacons, Actions, and Conditions) can be created.


Only Admin users will be able to create an App and edit/delete it, or add/edit webhooks for an App.

New apps can be created by completing the New App form that appears when you select +New App from the App drop-down list on the Dashboard.

This form requires the following details to create an app:

  • A descriptive name for the app.
  • A package name; a unique identifier for the app that should contain a minimum of 3 periods and will consist of a related domain name in reverse and the name of the app (e.g. com.bluedot.appname).
  • Rule download interval – the length of time the app waits before downloading new rules (i.e. Zones, Geofences, Geolines™, Beacons, Actions, and Conditions) that have been configured on Point Access or through the Public API. Battery drain will be higher the more frequently an app attempts to download new rules, so it is recommended to set the frequency to the minimum value necessary.
  • Firebase API Key is the API Key for your Firebase account – only required for Zone Sync enabled applications.

Figure 1. Point Access New App Selection


Figure 2. Point Access New Application Form


Figure 3. Point Access App Management

API Key and accessing app details

An API Key is generated when a new app is created. This API Key will be emailed to the user but can also be viewed at any time in Account Management (located in the Manage Apps tab) of the Dashboard.

The complete details for a particular app can be accessed by selecting More details. These details can be emailed to the user by selecting the Email list of applications button.

Figure 4. Point Access App Details

Add Webhook to an App

A webhook can be added to an app by selecting the ‘Add Webhook‘ link and then entering details like the URL, Token Key and Token Value. This information is used to establish a connection to the client’s server and send the details.

The Token Key and Token Value can vary from customer to customer. A webhook can be enabled or disabled using the ‘Enable Webhook‘ checkbox. Webhook details can be updated at any time by selecting the same ‘Edit Webhook‘ link.

Figure 5. Webhook details

Created by Bluedot DevOps on January 16, 2018

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