Point Access – Adding, editing and deleting Beacons

1. Click on the  icon in the top left of the map interface (accessible via the Zone Management tab of the Dashboard) to add Beacon to a new or existing Zone.

Figure 1. Point Access Beacon on Map

2. Click on the checkbox to select the Beacon to be added to the Zone. The proximity required for the triggering of the Beacon should also be selected from the drop-down list.
The selectable proximities are:

  • Immediate – The Beacon has to be almost touching, or within an inch of, a device for the trigger to occur.
  • Near – The Beacon can be up to approximately 6 feet away from a device for the trigger to occur.
  • Far – The Beacon is farther than 6 feet away but still within receiving distance of the maximum range of the signal for the trigger to occur.

Figure 2. Point Access Select Beacon

3. A list of Beacons (along with Geoline™ and Geofences) within a Zone can be viewed when the slider menu on the map interface is expanded. A Beacon can be deleted from a Zone by selecting the ‘X’ button next to a Beacon in the list.

Figure 3. Point Access Beacons on Map

4. A Beacon on the map can be moved by right-clicking anywhere on the map and selecting ‘Edit Beacon‘. The Beacon can then be moved to a desired location.

Figure 4. Edit Beacon

Created by Bluedot DevOps on January 16, 2018

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