Point Access – Account Management

User Management

All the ‘Registered Users’ for a particular account are displayed under the User Management section. Currently, there are two types of roles that can be assigned to a registered user. They are ‘Admin’ and other users. Admin users have access to all the applications of the parent user. Other users can be given access to a set of applications in the User Management section by selecting the user and checking/unchecking the applications from the “Applications” list. Only Admin users can add/edit/delete applications, webhook details, and billing information. Please contact the Bluedot team if you would like additional users to be added to your Bluedot account.

Figure 1. User Management


As explained above, for other users ‘User Management’ and ‘Billing Information’ section would not be displayed.

Figure 2. Account Management – Other users


Edit Profile

Users can edit the profile information they entered during the registration process within Edit Profile.

Figure 3. Edit Profile


Changing Passwords

A user can change their password in Change Password. They will be required to enter their existing password for security and provide confirmation of their new password.

Figure 4. Change Password


Billing Information

A user can provide or edit billing information in Billing Information. Payment details are entered directly into the integrated interface of the payment gateway provider, in accordance with PCI DSS requirements.

Figure 5. Billing Information

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