iOS – Migrating from static library to dynamic framework

If your project was integrated with the Point SDK static library, please follow the step by step guide below to migrate to our new dynamic framework.

  1. In your Xcode project navigator, locate the PointSDK folder, right click and select “Delete”, and select “Move to Trash”.
  2. In your Xcode project navigator, locate the Bridging Header and delete it from the project.
  3. In your project target’s build settings:
    a) In the “Header Search Paths“, remove “${PROJECT_DIR}/PointSDK/include
    b) In the “Library Search Paths“, remove “$(PROJECT_DIR)/PointSDK”
    c) In the “Other Linker Flags“, remove -lBDPointSDK-${PLATFORM_NAME}
    d) If you are using Swift, In the “Objective-C Bridging Header“, remove the link to the bridging header file.
  4. Follow the steps in “iOS – Integrating the Point SDK” to integrate the dynamic framework here.
  5. In your source code:
    a) If you are using Swift, add @import BDPointSDK to the Swift file that requires it.
    b) If you are using Objective C, replaces all instances of #import “BDPointSDK.h” with @import BDPointSDK;
  6. Compile and run the app.
Created by Bluedot DevOps on May 3, 2018

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