iOS Features – App restart

Point SDK includes methods for apps to be restarted after closure.

App restart can be implemented within an app by adding the BDPRestartAlertDelegate protocol to the app delegate.

An app has to define the title of the message by implementing the restartAlertTitle method and can optionally also specify the content by implementing therestartAlertButtonText method. The SDK will also work whether the user settings for your app have been selected as banners or alerts within the device Settings for the delivery of local notifications.

The methods are called at the point of restarting, allowing for context appropriate messages to be provided.




- (NSString *)restartAlertTitle
- (NSString *)restartAlertButtonText


After an app has been closed, a local notification is sent which prompts users to relaunch the app.

The app restart notification will only be delivered once a device has moved significantly following the closure of the app.  While this behaviour arises from a design constraint within iOS, it has the effect of only drawing attention to your app when the users changing location becomes relevant. When designing your user experience, be aware that Apple’s definition of a ‘significant distance’ varies with location conditions and across iOS versions.  This makes the precise measure of a ‘significant distance’ unpredictable.  During our own testing, we observed that app restart notifications are typically delivered after 400m-1.5km of movement.

Created by Bluedot DevOps on June 19, 2018

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