Segment integration

Bluedot is a location platform that provides an accurate and simple geofencing platform for apps. After integrating the Bluedot SDK and setting geofences, customer’s can create personalised location-based experiences for their users.

Segment provides the customer data infrastructure that helps businesses put their customers first. Using Segment, companies can collect, unify and connect their first-party data to over 200 marketing, analytics and data warehouse tools.

With this integration, Bluedot’s first-party, accurate, and privacy compliant location data can be connected and utilised across all of the platforms and apps supported by Segment.

Integration Overview

Before you begin the integration please ensure you have an active customer account with both Bluedot & Segment.

1. Decide on the custom data you’ll be passing from Bluedot Entry/Exit (can also be called Check-in and Check-out Event) Events to Segment:

a. Custom Event Metadata (max. 20)
b. Custom Zone Data (max. 20)

2. Integrate the Bluedot SDK within your mobile app:

a. Android integration guide
b. iOS integration guide

3. Add a Bluedot source to your Segment workspace from the Sources Catalog.

4. Add your Segment writeKey via the Integrations > Segment section in Canvas.

Once these steps are done, the integration is ready to go. Simply enter a geofence with a mobile device to trigger the Zone.

Custom Event Metadata in Bluedot events

To send events to Segment you’ll need to include the userId in the Custom Event Metadata of the event. Make sure to name the property segment_userId.
An example will be:

"segment_userId": "<YOUR SEGMENT USER ID>"


The custom event metadata is not persisted across SDK sessions. If the SDK is logged out the custom event metadata is cleared by the SDK. We suggest setting the custom data every time the SDK is authenticated in the app.

If you have any technical issues or questions please reach us at 
Created by Melwin Chiramel on June 9, 2021