What is Bluedot Location Marketing

Bluedot Location Marketing combines Bluedot’s proprietary high accuracy geolocation technology with mobile marketing campaigns managed through Salesforce Marketing Cloud to interact with customers via their mobile devices at highly relevant geographic locations. For instance, it uses the location of a mobile device to alert customers about offers or provide other content from a nearby business. The alerts could be in the form of Messages, Push Notifications, Emails etc.

Bluedot Location Marketing is the first and only app available on the Marketing Cloud that provides unprecedented accuracy and segmentation for location-based marketing, empowering brands to build personalized journeys at scale. Bluedot Innovation offers the most accurate location service, enabling brands to reach customers anywhere, drive mobile purchases and engagement, and understand customer behavior throughout their journey, optimizing touchpoints along their journey with contextual offers, pre-ordering, mobile payments, and loyalty programs, among other forms of engagement. Bluedot’s technology is capable of triggering mobile actions on the customer’s smartphone at an exact location – making every place the right place, and every moment, an opportunity to monetize.

Bluedot delivers a best-in-class location service via its Bluedot Point SDK, software that integrates into the Android and iOS apps for enterprise customers. The Point SDK enables an ‘always-on’ geo-location capability, allowing apps to use GPS-level accuracy whenever it is needed while minimizing the battery consumption experienced by customers.

To know more about Bluedot Point SDK and how Bluedot technology can help your business in achieving the location based marketing, please request a Free Demo.

Created by Bluedot DevOps on February 24, 2018

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