Journey Setup

Once events have been correctly setup (see Event Creation section), Journeys can be created using those events as triggers.
  1. From the Journey, add an API Event as the entry source.
  1. Click on the API event to allow you to select from the available API events.
  1. Choose Bluedot Entry or Bluedot Exit as appropriate.
  1. Once selected, you can optionally choose to add a contact filter to only have a segment trigger this Journey.
  1. You can use any of the custom data defined in the Allowed Custom Data section above to segment based on, or any other Bluedot or other data.
  1. Once you’re finished with the event setup, you can configure your Journey as normal – Bluedot event and custom data will be available for Journey activities.


Created by Bluedot DevOps on February 24, 2018

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