Create SFMC events

Event Creation

To have Bluedot Zones trigger Salesforce Marketing Cloud Journeys, you must add corresponding API Events to Salesforce Marketing Cloud to receive the Bluedot Zone trigger. Follow the below instructions carefully to create the correct events.
 Add a Bluedot Entry event
  1. In the Journey Builder section go to Entry Sources and create a new Event clicking on the + New Event button.
  1. On Data Entry Source view select API Event and click Next 
  1. On the Properties step set the following fields:
  • Name: Bluedot Entry
  • Description: User enters a Bluedot zone
  • Event Definition Key: bluedot_entry 

Then click Next.

  1. Click on the Data Extensions to expand the list of available Data Extensions and select BluedotLocationServicesV2. Then click Next.
  1. We recommend that you do not add any filter at this stage to avoid limiting future use cases for the Bluedot technology. Instead, simply click Next.
  1. In the summary check the event information and verify that the field Event Definition Key is one of the valid Bluedot events keys: bluedot_entry or bluedot_exit 
Add a Bluedot Exit event
Follow the same steps mentioned above. When you are setting up the properties of the event (Step 3) use instead:
  • Name: Bluedot Exit
  • Description: User exits a Bluedot zone
  • Event Definition Key: bluedot_exit 
The rest of the steps are the same as described above.
Once you finished adding the Events, they can be added to Journeys.


Created by Bluedot DevOps on February 24, 2018