Attentive Curbside Experience

Take your Curbside & Pickup experience to the next level with Attentive’s personalized marketing messaging and Bluedot’s best-in-class customer arrival technology. 

Send a personalized SMS to your customers to collect their curbside pickup orders with a link to our pre-built web app Now Ready, to let a store know when they’re on their way and when they’ve arrived.

How does it work?

When a new order is registered, Bluedot will call Attentive’s Custom Events API to with the basic user and order details, then you can use Attentive’s Journey Builder to craft the content of the SMS.

You can register orders from one of our Order Management partners (I.E., Olo) or Bluedot’s Register Order API.

Create your Journeys to send messages

Once you’ve installed the Attentive & Bluedot integration, you can start creating Journeys to send SMS with the Now Ready link. 

1. Create a new Journey and select the “Start from scratch” option.

Create a new Journey in Attentive


2. Select the Bluedot Order Ready custom event.

Attentive choose journey trigger

3. Add a “Send text message” option and edit the content of the message.

Custom Properties

You can add any of the variables in the {} Personalization option to customize your message. These are the list of variables available in the Bluedot Order Ready event:

Customer’s first name used to register the order
Customer’s last name used to register the order
ID of the order registered
Link to Now Ready for the order registered

When using the Bluedot’s Wave API to register an order,  the fields firstName, lastName and orderId are required. Bluedot will take care of generating and then passing the nowReadyUrl to Attentive. If you’re using one of our order management integrations (i.e. Olo) Bluedot takes care of passing these fields to Attentive.

Important Notes

Here’s a list of known caveats that you need to take into account when designing your Curbside experience with Attentive & Bluedot to ensure your users will receive the SMS.

Only Opt-in Users

Please make sure to collect the customer’s consent when collecting the phone number of the user during the order’s checkout process. Attentive will always ensure the number is opted in before sending the SMS, so there’s no chance of an un-opted user getting an SMS.  For further information check Attentive’s documentation on legal requirements for transactional messages.

Missing Custom Properties in SMS

If a message includes variables from the {} Personalization options, but these are not populated when registering the order with Bluedot’s Wave API, then the message will not be sent. 

If you have any technical issues or questions please use to reach out to our team.

Created by Daniel Toro on February 13, 2023