Hello Screens

By leveraging Bluedot’s predicted time-based arrival technology and advanced geofencing you can see exactly when customers are going to arrive – powering a seamless curbside collection. But a challenge is often how you share these insights with your store associates; POS integration is hard and depending on what insights or notifications you’d like to surface, it simply may not be possible. Enter Hello screens.

Bluedot’s Hello screens are a super fast & super simple dashboard that your team can use to see a customer’s ETA and get visual and audible notifications exactly when they Arrive.

We know not all your locations across the country have exactly the same technology-stack; hardware updates roll-out over months & some stores may have the latest POS update, while others don’t. With this in mind, you can also use Hello screens in parallel with our flexible webhooks, giving you deployment options. Depending on each store’s unique setup you can modify the specific Bluedot configuration while still empowering your store associates with the customer insights they need.

And like all aspects of the Bluedot platform Hello screens are hardware-free. With a responsive design that runs in-browser, you can use an existing device you have on-site – this may be a tablet from a 3rd party ordering app, the web browser on your POS hardware, or even the mobile device in your Floor Managers pocket. It’s your choice.

Access Hello screens

To access Hello screens, simple visit the URL https://screens.bluedot.io/ on any compatible browser – recommend Safari or Chrome.

You will be asked to choose a region. If you’re not sure which region your screen is in, contact our Support Team. Once selected you will be displayed your one-time-code.

The first time you visit the URL on a new device (or after a logout) you’ll need to set up the screen with your Bluedot Administrator.

But after that, you’re all set to start receiving customer ETA and Arrival insights!

Configure a Hello screen

Every-time you setup a Hello screen, you’ll need to complete a simple and fast setup process. This process links that specific instance of the screen to a specific Bluedot Zone and DestinationID (Eg. this is your store or restaurant).

  1. On your device, open the Hello screen URL (Quick link here)
  2. Choose your region & generate a new one-time-code
  3. In Canvas, add the one-time-code in the configuration section

The screen is now authenticated & linked to that destination. If you accidentally link the screen to the wrong Zone (aka Destination) you can simply log out of the Hello screen on your device and repeat the process.

Link Hello screens to a destination in Canvas

  1. Login to Canvas
  2. Open Your Account (you’ll find when you tap on your username in the top right corner)
  3. Select Hello screen from the side menu*
  4. Select the Link card
  5. Choose your Project
  6. Search for your Zone
  7. Add in the one-time-code
  8. Link

*If you can’t see Hello screens in the side menu, please contact our team at help@bluedot.io to enable this feature.

Sending Location Events to Hello Screen

To send customers ETA updates to Hello Screens you just need to add the following properties in the Custom Event MetaData, either from the Point SDK or the Wave API.

OrderId: L23kjaf798
CustomerName: John
CarModel: Honda Civic
CarColor: Red
CarPlate: ABC123
MobileNumber: 3231234567
To learn more about Custom Event Meta Data check the documentation here.

The properties above are not case sensitive, orderid or orderId will also send the event to Hello Screens.

To learn more about Custom Event Meta Data check the documentation here.
Created by Melwin Chiramel on March 1, 2021