Cordova – startRequiringUserInterventionForLocationServicesCallback

 *  Provide a callback to be notified when user intervention is required for Location Services on the device.
 *  The callback provides an integer for current Location Service authorization status.
exports.startRequiringUserInterventionForLocationServicesCallback = function( callback )
    exec( callback, null, "BDPointSDK", "startRequiringUserInterventionForLocationServicesCallback", [] );


This callback allows your app to be notified if user intervention is required as Location Services are not currently enabled on the device; your app will not be able to trigger any fences if Location Services has not been enabled.


callback (Function)

This is a function that will be called when Location Services is currently not active on the mobile device.

Function parameters

The callback function is passed an integer parameter which indicates the current location service authorization status.

This integer can be accessed by using an enum as demonstrated in the bdFunctions.js Javascript wrapper that is bundled with the Bluedot plug-in.

const authorizationStatusEnum =
    NotDetermined: 0,
    Restricted: 1,
    Denied: 2,
    AuthorizedAlways: 3,
    AuthorizedWhenInUse: 4,
    Authorized: 5,
        0: "Not determined",
        1: "Restricted",
        2: "Denied",
        3: "Authorized always",
        4: "Authorized when in use",
        5: "Authorized",
 *  This delegate function receives an integer for current location service authorization status.
 *  Refer to bluedotPointSDKCDVPlugin.js for more information.
function startRequiringUserInterventionForLocationServices( authorizationStatus )
    updateStatus( "This App requires Location Services which are currently set to " +[authrizationStatus] );


This function is only called on iOS devices.

Created by Bluedot DevOps on January 16, 2018