Cordova – logOut

 *  Log out of an authenticated session with Bluedot back-end systems.
 *  The fail function call provides a string with the reason for failure.
exports.logOut = function( success, fail )
    exec( success, fail, "BDPointSDK", "logOut", [] );


This function ends an authenticated session with the Bluedot back-end.


success (Function)

This is a function that will be called on successfully logging out from the Bluedot back-end systems.  This entails there is no longer an authenticated session available to your app.

Function parameters


fail (Function)

This is a function that will be called if logging out with the Bluedot back-end systems fails.

Function parameters

String – Reason for logging out failure.

Created by Bluedot DevOps on January 16, 2018