Cordova – enableZone

 *  Enable a "Zone previously disabled from within the app using the Zone Id.
exports.enableZone = function( success, fail, zoneId )
    exec( success, fail, "BDPointSDK", "enableZone", [ zoneId ] );


An app may optionally disable (and later re-enable) Zones it receives from the Bluedot back-end systems. This is a device level operation that re-enables Zones only for the user.

By calling this function with the Zone Id, a Zone previously disabled by calling the disableZone function will be re-enabled.

The Zone identifiers are retrieved by implementing the zoneInfoCallback function and retrieving the ids from the Zone information returned.


success (Function)

This is a function that will be called on successfully re-enabling a previously disabled Zone.

Function parameters


fail (Function)

This is a function that will be called if the app is unable to re-enable a “Zone; this could be from an invalid Zone Id or from the Zone not being disabled by the disableZone function.

Function parameters

String – Reason for Zone re-enablement failure.

zoneId (String)

The Zone Id to use for the enable command.

Created by Bluedot DevOps on January 16, 2018