Cordova – startRequiringUserInterventionForBluetoothCallback

 *  Provide a callback to be notified when user intervention is required for Bluetooth on the device.
exports.startRequiringUserInterventionForBluetoothCallback = function( callback )
    exec( callback, null, "BDPointSDK", "startRequiringUserInterventionForBluetoothCallback", [] );


This callback allows your app to be notified if user intervention is required for activating Bluetooth on the device; this will generally occur if a beacon has been placed nearby on the Point Access web site and the device running your app does not have Bluetooth enabled.


callback (Function)

This is a function that will be called when Bluetooth is required by the device but is currently not active.

Function parameters


Created by Bluedot DevOps on January 16, 2018

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