Existing Feature changes

With the introduction of Bluedot Canvas (replacing Point Access), a few existing features have slightly changed. If you have any questions about these changes please reach out to our team on help@bluedot.io.

Applications have been renamed to Projects

Historically, Zone (and their geofences) have sat within a Bluedot Application. This was a little confusing as our customers integrate our SDK in their app. So we renamed it to Projects.

Learn more about Creating a Project here.

Projects (formerly Applications) no longer require a package name on creation

Check-in and Check-out Events have been renamed as Entry and Exit Events.

Add your Conditions and Actions at the Zone level 

Historically, if you were adding a Condition like (only active 9 am – 5 pm) this was done on an individual geofence. And if you had multiple geofences within a Zone, you had to add this Setting on every single geofence.

To make it simple, now you can manage all Zone Settings in one place and they apply to all geofences within that Zone. Learn more about Zone Setting here.

New Condition names

  • Bearing condition has been renamed to Travel Direction.
  • Percentage crossed/Sequential condition has been renamed to Travel Path.

Learn more about Zone Setting here.

Created by Melwin Chiramel on January 3, 2020