Braze Integration

With the combination of Braze’s leading mobile engagement platform and Bluedot Innovation’s best in class location technology, mobile engagement is taken to the next level. Combine the power of Braze with the precision and scalability of Bluedot’s location services to accelerate growth, drive loyalty engagement and revenue in your app and beyond.

Bluedot’s location marketing platform delivers a solution 20x more accurate, with negligible battery drain, unlimited locations and best in class privacy making it the only option that can deliver location-based 1:1 segmentation no matter how large your audience is.

Connectivity is at the heart of this new chapter for mobile. But it’s more than just the ability to engage. It’s also about connecting to mobile users with discernment and insight. That’s what mobile engagement is about, and it’s exciting what we can now do.

Integration architecture diagram

Integration Architecture

Create your Braze App

Add an App

If you have just registered for an Braze account select the Add your app button. If you have an existing account then either choose the app you wish to use, or select the New app button in the upper right corner of the dashboard to create a new one.

If creating a new app, provide the App Name, Set the Production Status to “Production – connection to live servers.” and select iOS and Android as the App Platforms and select save.

Set up your App

1. Add the Apple Push Notification Service (APNs) Certificate in the Quickstart Guide iOS tab. It is located at the end of the screen. For further information refer to Braze Documentation

2. Add the Google Cloud Messaging (GCM) API key in the Quickstart Guide Android tab. It is located at the end of the screen.


It is vital to set up the APNs certificate for iOS and GCM API Key for Android platforms, to utilize the push based automated messages in Braze engagement platform.

More information

More information on adding and updating your Braze App can be found here.

Create your Bluedot Point Access App

Select the +New App from the App drop-down list on the Dashboard to create a new app.

More Information

More information on adding and managing Bluedot Point Access Apps can be found here.

Create a Zone

Point SDK supports the triggering of Campaigns (custom event) via Braze’s Customer Engagement platform when customers enter a pre-defined geographical area (Geofence), crossing a GEOLINE™ or moving into the range of a Beacon (as part of a Zone). The Zone is then disabled for the duration of its adjustable Minimum Retrigger Time. When a Zone is triggered, a check-in callback is sent to the Bluedot SDK and an event is posted to Braze’s Customer Engagement platform. The event is used to trigger Campaigns through the Braze SDK.

Perform the following to create a Zone:

  1. Select Create New Zone in the Bluedot Dashboard.
  2. You will be navigated to the map interface where you can configure the locations that are relevant for your app.
  3. Search for the location where the Zone will be situated using the search bar in the header.
  4. Select any one of the shapes to add a Geofence or GEOLINE™ or select the Beacon icon to add a Beacon.
  5. Draw the shape you want on the map.
  6. Once you have defined the location, select the expand button << to open the sidebar. From there, you can manage the Geofences, GEOLINE™ and Beacon that make up each Zone, as well as set Custom Actions (that trigger Automated Messages inBraze’s Customer Engagement platform) and Conditions before saving the Zone.
  7. Select the Set Actions + Conditions at the bottom of the sidebar. This will create a Custom Action which is used to trigger an Automated Message when a user enters a Zone and any relevant Conditions you have set are satisfied.

More information on the different Conditions available can be viewed here.

More information on the edit action link can be viewed here.



Only Custom Actions defined for a Zone will trigger Check-in and Check-out callbacks which are used to interact with the Braze SDK.

8. Click on the Save Zone button. A Zone Settings pop up will appear.

9. Add the Zone Name (For example AT&T_Park). You may also choose to set the Minimum Retrigger TimeEnable Check-out functionality, or set a Start and End Active Time. Save the Zone when you have finished. You will then be navigated back to the Bluedot Dashboard.

Created by Ram Akunuru on August 6, 2019

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