GET Execute Lookup

The execute endpoint within the lookup allows finalized lookup requests to be executed. Only on executing the lookup will the data be sourced from Google Places API and the purchased credits be used.

URL to call{lookupId}/execute


Name Required Data Type Description Format
lookupId String The lookupId returned when the lookup request was made
customerApiKey String API key for the customer found in the Account Management tab of Point Access UI.
apiKey String API Key of the relevant app found in the Manage Apps section of the App and Beacon Management tab of Point Access UI.

GET execute lookup

Example: JSON response for GET execute lookup

    "url": "",
    "location": "San Francisco, California, United States",
    "status": "initialising",
    "searchesUsed": 0,
    "searchesRemaining": 100000,
    "ready": false,
    "keyword": "mexican",
    "type": "restaurant",
    "lookupUrl": "",
    "message": "Execution queued.",
    "messageCode": 200

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Created by Bluedot DevOps on January 31, 2018

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