Android – Battery Modes

In Bluedot Point SDK Android 1.12.0, substantial battery improvements based on end user travel speeds were made. Battery performance improved by up to 50% in specific use cases and instances of CPU wakelocks were significantly reduced.
Bluedot clients can select from the 3 options below that will dramatically save battery usage based on specific use cases.  Consider your end users’ most common location behavior from these 3 options:
    • Driving – users traveling at high speeds (up to 240 kph)
    • Walking – users traveling at walking speeds in urban areas
    • Default – mixed user behavior between driving and walking. This setting optimizes battery for all user travel speeds.  No changes are required for this option.
This setting applies to all Bluedot account apps.
Contact to request your preferred battery mode.  A reply will be sent when complete.
Created by Bluedot DevOps on July 25, 2018