Android SDK

The Bluedot Point SDK brings high accuracy ‘always-on’ location awareness & low-energy capabilities to your mobile app.
The following pages provide a guide to integrating the Point SDK with your Android app.


Refer to the Bluedot Canvas User Guide for tips to setup your Zones, Geofences, GEOLINE™, Actions and Conditions.


API Documentation

For further information on the classes and methods discussed within the following documentation, please refer to the Android API Documentation.

Compatibility  Notes

  • Android 11: Please note, for Android PointSDK v15.0.0 – 15.2.3: If your application targetSdkVersion is 30+, please ensure you have a dependency on Retrofit 2.7.2+ or OkHttp 3.14.7+.
  • Moshi: Android PointSDK v15.0.0+ is compatible with Moshi up to 1.9.3.

Created by Bluedot DevOps on January 11, 2018

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